• 1/6 Scale Bust — Modesto Pires

1/6 Scale Bust — Modesto Pires

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Way back when, the Design Bureau dug out this facial scanner from the Concern days and ordered grunts to volunteer. Modesto refused to take out the cig. SNC Souvenir Development found it on a routine post-coup file inspection. They liked his look, said he had "panache".


Product Details:

  • Size is approximately 7.78cm high by 5.24cm wide and 5.3cm deep
  • Weight is approximately 19 grams.
  • Based on an original design by Jack Monahan, this bust is printed in one whole piece with ELEGOO ABS-Like Resin in grey on an ELEGOO Mars 3D printer.
  • After printing, the bust undergoes a three-stage washing process in alcohol, then hot water for support removal, then another two baths in alcohol to ensure all excess resin residue is removed. Finally, the bust piece is immersed in water and cured under an ultraviolet lamp for about twenty minutes on every side to ensure a clean and smooth finish.
  • Bust is delivered unpainted. Images of painted busts on this page are for inspiration and are only examples.
  • No additional assembly required

Safety Warnings:

  • Keep printed bust out of reach of young children; this product is not intended for those under the ages of 16.
  • Do not perform any abrasive activity such as sanding or filing on the printed bust; particles from ABS-Like resin can cause skin irritation, serious eye irritation, and is toxic to both aquatic life and the environment.
  • Do not leave the unpainted bust exposed to direct sunlight; an unpainted bust will continue to cure under exposure to UV light and will become yellowed.