• Book — "Brigador" by Brad Buckmaster

Book — "Brigador" by Brad Buckmaster

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The SNC Informatics Division recently intercepted this partial exchange from one of the Mar Nosso orbital cargo docks:

WORKER 1: Great Leader this and that. Listen to me, droog. I tell you something right now. All that big shit you heard about Dlinnaya Noch?

WORKER 1 (cont.): It's a big shit! I'm telling you—Great Leader has it easy.

WORKER 2: [inaudible 00:27]

WORKER 1: There were others who made it through, and I'm not talking about those zvezdy wannabes. Bozhe! We ought to get off Sady.

WORKER 2: [inaudible 00:03]

WORKER 1: Why? You think the Long Night is over?



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Private Ranulph Kinny hates military life. He swears his Mongoose—an eight foot-tall powered armor suit—is trying to kill him. Even his sergeant is acting paranoid, invoking the Saints and keeping the whole platoon battle-ready, just in case.

Everything changes when a mysterious broadcast blankets the city and triggers an all-out civil war. Now, Kinny and his power-suited platoon fight for survival as their city crumbles around them.

Writing from expert insight as a career soldier, author Brad Buckmaster weaves an unforgettable tale of military science fiction/action storytelling. A dark future companion novel to Brigador, the isometric mech action game, that conjures that brutal world from the street level. A must for fans of hard military science fiction.

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